The journey to strengthen the trust in your data starts with selecting what is your current biggest data challenge

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Too many Excel files

We have many excel files to track data and I want to get out of the wood from this spreadsheets chaos. I want to keep my agility but I want to have a better control of how numbers are calculated.

Several data systems and every system has its own separate reporting

We have data in several disparate systems and I need to get data from these systems together to have one unified picture. Then I will better understand what’s happening in my business.

Utilise PowerBI

I need assistance with Power BI. I want to start using Power BI; or I want to create a new report; or I want to change existing report; or I have another challenge with PowerBI

Utilise Microsoft Azure

I need assistance to migrate part of my infrastructure or create a new modern solution using Azure infrastructure.

Custom and proprietary calculations need to improve

I have business-critical custom and proprietary calculations, metrics or KPIs in my business area to control processes. I need to improve the process for these calculations to strengthen my trust in them and save cost.

Utilise SQL Server / Azure SQL

I need to create a new database for data we collect into one place to improve processing speed but keep my agility in data work. Or I have SQL Server and I need help to improve the current application or data processes.