I’m pleased that I succeeded in my own quest during Covid19 crisis and I made and delivered to the NHS key workers face shields Sponge Joe.

Big thanks to all people who also supported me and gave donations for the material. That allowed me to donate shields to the NHS key workers for free! I made and donated 400 shields to five hospitals, GPs, care houses and to the social support activities.

I have done a collection of photos posted on the social media or sent to me from field people using the Sponge Joe face shields.

Jozef Riskalcik RiskaONE

As data volume continues to grow, so does the challenge of wrangling that data into well-formed, actionable information. 

Analysts can easily create dataflows, using familiar, self-service tools. Dataflows are used to ingest, transform, integrate, and enrich big data by defining data source connections, ETL logic, refresh schedules, and more. In addition, the new model-driven calculation engine that’s part of dataflows makes the process of data preparation more manageable, more deterministic, and less cumbersome for data analysts and report creators alike.

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