Jozef Riskalcik

INFOREXX Founder & Professional Services Leader

Seasoned Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Architect/Delivery,

SQL Server expert, Data-platform Consultant / Architect

Fanatical IT professional services delivery leader for Business Intelligence, data-platform, SQL Server, data analytics, professional delivery services. Jozef founded INFOREXX to drive effective business data management solutions on business terms for a company like yours.

Focused on cost-cutting solutions for clients by delivering faster, cheaper or more useful data and analytics solutions.

Created sales commissions calculation systems, sales performance controls driving more revenue.

Built a unique marketing system for sport-board organisations.

Created many calculation systems for improving operational efficiency.

Jozef’s work with you is centred on operational effectiveness in finance or operations; helping sales or marketing teams identify more opportunities or save cost via insightful cost control.

Drives IT services providing a flexible business data management service for business functions. When suitable near-shore resources are used to deliver value faster, at a reasonable cost and following IT delivery best practices.

Clients enjoy cut time for changes adoption and focus on business drivers in the whole process. At the same time keeping the best-practices for IT systems.

Jozef is a seasoned professional services delivery leader who creates solutions doesn’t matter if you are a London startup or your business is a worldwide tech company with a multi-country and multi-cultural environment.

Enthusiast and supporter of hackers/makers and non-profit activities such as London Hackspace or Washing Machine Project. He brings innovative and progressive maker/hacker thinking to your project and lights up enthusiasm among your team members.

Invented & delivered several tools & systems for faster implementation, testing and cost-saving maintenance.

► Architecture, Data Analytics & BI

► Reporting solutions

► MS SQL Server 6.5/7/2000/2005/2008/2012/2014/2016/2019

► Microsoft Power BI

► PowerQuery, PowerPivot

► Business Calculations, data feeds

► DevOps

► Microsoft Azure

► Azure SQL, Synapse

► Exploration & discovery workshops with stakeholders

► Solution architecture

► Star & snowflake schema, Data Vault


► PowerShell

► C#, ASP.NET, core


Business Intelligence, Datawarehouse & Databases


► SQL, T-SQL, DDL (data models, tables, views, storage, indexes, optimisation), PL/SQL, Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET, Win Scripting, PowerShell, MDX, XML, JSON


► Microsoft Visio, Erwin, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, TFS, Microsoft DTS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Excel, ProClarity, MS SQL Profiler, SQL Query Analyser, SQL Server Agent.

► MS SQL Server 2000/ 2005/ 2008/ 2008R2/ 2012, Oracle; large databases; high volume data processing; Kimball, database and data-modelling, entity-relationship modelling, performance analysis and optimisation – performance tuning.

Industry Experience

► Finance, manufacturing, oil, transport and customer service sectors.

► Developed ETL processes and bespoke calculations for the CuBIT, providing technical solutions for the patented approach which Dcisions applies in its business model. Technology: SQL 2008 R2, SSIS, CLR.

► Invented, architected and developed an automated solution for testing BI. This solution saves testing time and decreases tester errors; improving efficiency during the testing phase and reconciliation in production. Technology: SQL 2008, MS Access, Excel, stored procedures, SSIS, PowerShell.

► Developed SQL 2008 T-SQL and XML bespoke data quality checks covering business rules on input data in ETL, improving input DQ which helped to decrease the time for getting new clients on-board and increase data processing reliability. Technology: SQL 2008 R2, SSIS.

► Invented and architected solution for universal manual data input collection and SCD data. This solution ensures DQ and minimises the time users need to spend on updating the data. Technology: SQL 2005, MS Access, stored procedures, SSIS.

► Architected and developed a bespoke process for automated PDF reports rendering from both data-mart and manual inputs, providing a graphical design to ensure high customer satisfaction. Technology: SQL 2008 SSRS, CLR.

► Undertook performance tuning on ETL processes and bespoke business calculations to ensure product reliability and scalability for CuBIT project. Technology: SQL 2008 R2, SSIS, CLR, virtual VMWare Windows servers.

► Assembled and led near-shore IT development and maintenance team in Bratislava for DELL EMEA business critical reporting. Solutions have high business awareness across DELL EMEA business. The team counted 13 analysts/ developers. Technology: SQL 2005, SSIS, VB, Excel, ASP.NET.

► Implemented a comprehensive QA approach, ensuring high-quality results in business-critical system for Dcisions. Incorporated plans, rules, approaches, bespoke SQL 2008 testing tools, and bespoke UI test control tool.


BI Consultant (Architect, DB Modeler, Developer, Tech Advisor, QA) for Dcision ltd

► CuBIT project – successfully delivered the finance portfolio benchmarking BI system.

► Implemented a comprehensive QA approach. Provided coordination and testing activities for the new system releases.

► Tested ETL and undertook critical activities to identify the issues root cause.

Proposed, architected and developed optimal solutions.

► Developed the ETL application code (CLR, T-SQL, stored procedures, SSIS on SQL 2008 R2).

► Delivered business analysis, business case specifications and proof of concepts (PoC). Architected system improvements and initiated new solutions for addressing business needs.

► Provided the virtual environment hosting provider evaluation according to the client’s specific requirements.

► Architected and developed a bespoke process for the automated PDF reports rendering.

► Undertook performance tuning on ETL processes and bespoke business calculations.


Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Database Senior Consultant

► Built several BI Proof of Concepts for innovative solutions for the self-service Business Intelligence.

► Effective tech lead of the engagements deliveries.

► Presented and hands-on demoed latest Microsoft Business Intelligence products for clients with an impact on future clients’ IT strategy. (Self-service BI, Azure, Office 365, Power BI) and helped to change pre-sales to delivery engagements.

► Advised client for new BI architecture.

► Helped and advised clients to address BI technical issues.


► Led and coordinated the master data management project for a retail bank.

► Provided project management expertise for developed systems, whilst leading communication with stakeholders.


Senior Consultant/Project Manager, Master Data Management (Technology: Orchestra Networks/Oracle)

► Helped business users in Slovakia’s leading retail bank to understand MDM paradigms and advantages.

► Prepared project roadmap for the MDM implementation.

► Worked closely with business partners and technical experts to find the optimum solution and help integrate MDM throughout the business.

Information Management Group (now Hitachi Consulting)

Business Intelligence Consultant

October 2007 – December 2008

► Led analysis, development and consulting for a variety of corporate clients across a number of sectors.

► Managed and coordinated support and development activities for supported systems.

► Provided business analysis, design and development of database relational systems for reporting, accounting and data warehousing purposes.

► Delivered MS SQL Database, SSRS, SSIS and SSAS new features in client projects.

► Prepared initial case studies of data warehouse alongside pre-sales activities including product and service demonstrations and proofs of concept.


Software Analyst/Developer & Software Project Manager (Windows Server 2003, MS SQL server 2005, SSAS, SSIS architecture)

► Led delivery of business intelligence and reporting solution maintenance and upgrades at leading UK consulting firm, comprising business intelligence reporting for planning, timesheets, utilisation activities and KPI calculations.

► Worked closely with the customer to clarify multiple and complex requirements and deliver solutions, taking a flexible, creative and reliable approach.

Coordinator (Windows Server 2003, MS SQL server 2005, SSAS, SSIS architecture)

► Established a virtual environment for business intelligence projects for support activities.

► Built solution for virtualisation, management and control for all support activities; to incorporate varied service packs and server releases. ► Ensured all supported projects had appropriate setup, creating various support procedures.

Software Analyst/Developer (MS SQL server 2000, DTS, SSRS architecture)

► Delivered recalculation system for cost sharing between subsidiaries of a leading global oil corporation, featuring accounting and reporting functions. ► Prepared Excel models and worked closely with the client to define requirements and develop an appropriate solution.


December 2004 – September 2007

► Provided team/project management and lead IT expertise in technological solutions for Dell EMEA Reporting, progressing from an Analyst/Developer role.

► Managed key relationships with business partners to ensure optimum solutions delivered to meet business needs.

► Created architecture, data models and system specification documents. ► Prepared complex solution for reporting over the whole lifecycle; analysing, developing, testing and implementing.

► Conducted in-depth analysis of business requirements; prepared analysis and design documents for reports/web applications.


Software Analyst/Developer and Software Project Manager (Windows Server 2003, MS SQL server, ASP.NET architecture)

► Developed EMEA commission calculation tool for sales reps in the SOHO segment, supporting flow tasks control and flexible setting of conditions in detailed calculations.

► Created standard solution in cooperation with business analyst, overcoming issues with non-standard approaches throughout the region.

► Created EMEA coordinator position to oversee system processes and calculations.

Software Project Supervisor (Windows Server 2003, MS SQL server, ASP.NET architecture)

► Delivered web-based application for populating principally Excel reports. Special features included a bespoke approval process for every report, automated pick-up of finished reports, email notifications, and report metadata repository.

► Advised two senior team members in defining the application architecture and helped them to deal with the understanding of business requirements.

Software Analyst/Developer and Software Project Manager (Windows Server 2003, MS SQL server, ASP 6.0 architecture)

► Developed sales discrepancy tracking application, supporting easy and fast logging of issues found in the sales system.

► Worked closely with a business partner on defining an effective process for tracking discrepancies and for the IT tool.

Software Analyst / Developer

November 2003 – November 2004

Creating centralized reports for the EMEA region. Analyzing business requirements. Preparation of analysis and design documents for reports/web applications.


Software Analyst / Developer 2003 – 2003

► Preparing data structure for data warehouse/datamart for a telecommunication company

► Design and development of ETL procedures on Unix and Oracle

► Support for creating the reports in Oracle Discoverer

Gratex International

Software Analyst / Developer 2001 – 2003

► Solving users’ suggestions and requirements

► Programming T-SQL stored procedures in MS SQL environment

► Front – End development for processing insurance contracts and insurance claims

► Software development of MS Word document mailmerging in Visual Basic for Application (VBA)

I.S.D.D. Plus

Software Analyst / Developer 2001 – 2001

Information Centre of Slovak Railways

Leader of the Configuration Management Group of IRIS-N 1999 – 2001

Personal Testimonials

Jozef was an excellent BI architect and database modeller who developed innovative solutions to our business requirements and ensured that best BI practice was applied through the design, development, and test phases.
I could always rely on Jozef’s code to be of the highest quality and he worked hard to ensure that our system was scalable in line with future plans for the business. He shows an impressive level of commitment to his customers.

Jozef is ahead of his time in understanding the power of data analytics and business intelligence. In a rapidly changing are, Jozef has always understood not just where the sources are now, but where they will be and he communicates how to mine the data available in a way that helps a customer understand what’s possible. This is an area full of people grabbing onto buzzwords and claiming knowledge, but Jozef has actually been living and breathing this area for years and he can help both small and large markets become smarter and sharper with data.

Jozef is expert in BI & Big Data technologies. He has full knowledge of BI architecture and implementation methodologies in various technologies. He can solve difficult technical challenges and provide solid expert advice.
In addition Jozef is very professional and good team player.

Jozef is not only an enterprising and hard-working individual, he has the critical entrepreneurial ability to multi-task, to quickly identify the crux of a problem. He is able to traverse seamlessly between the business and marketing aspects as well as the technology space.