Every time we make something, people are critical for our success.

INFOREXX experts are not just technical experts in their area but also open-minded people with practical thinking and they enjoy working closely with business people.

Jozef, Founder and Leading Delivery Expert

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

“Assisting business people to achieve trust in their data”

Jozef work involves putting in place the nuts and bolts of data and business. This allows people to derive insight from their data, understand the state of business through the use of data and to drive the planning, development and execution of appropriate data-supported responses to new opportunities, strategic challenges and cost-saving.

Jozef possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, developing and delivering successful data engines to support technology-based, market-focused and business-driven responses to significant challenges. Jozef also works in identifying strategic, tactical and operational uses of new and alternative data sources to better support the business advisers and decision-makers.

Seasoned Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Architect/Delivery, SQL Server expert, Data-platform Consultant / Architect.

Experts cooperate with INFOREXX in a flexible manner only. Experts are engaged in the targeted and focused short-term contract delivery. This allows to control project cost and also keep our experts highly motivated by working in their preferred area of expertise.


“Not a beautiful but a good person”

“Fewer words and more actions”

Martin is a seasoned expert on Microsoft technologies such as Azure and data platforms on-prem and in the cloud. He is a senior architect for Azure, on-prem and hybrid infrastructure.

Martin has extensive experience working in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment. He posses many additional technical skills in Microsoft Products, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), BizTalk, .NET Framework, MS Server, C#. He also holds several Microsoft professional successful exams and certificates.


“There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”

“I’m driven by the urge to find order and meaning in data and its underlying structure”

Ondrej is a senior project manager with 10+ years of experience.

Ondrej has led teams of 20+ people and managed the development, launch and subsequent growth of a multitude of web and mobile applications.


“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”

“I squeeze everything out of the technology to ensure the best product possible”

Fullstack freelance web developer with React stack. His focus is on the frontend web development in React (Redux / Mobx / Apollo Graphql / HTML5 / CSS3 – SCSS / JSS) but doing backend as well, either in NodeJS building REST / graphql API’s or .Net Web API 2. Delivered many types of web applications from small web presentations to enterprise .Net. Enjoyed creating small mobile games in Unity.

Frantisek posses Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Technology Associate Developer certifications.


“When everybody runs, just stop, understand the big picture and act differently”

“Honesty, truth and direct feedback are the keys to my best business relations”

Expert on data analytics and business analytics delivery. He is excellent in the Power BI and Excel reports/ visualisations. Successfully delivered business analytics to finance, manufacturing, sales and other industries.


“Life is challenge but I love this game”

“More working than talking”

Michal is an adviser on professional matters. He is an expert on the very large databases, data warehouses and large data loads. He has a very practical view and always open mind on architecture and solutions.

Michal’s professional scope is on MS SQL (DBA and development T-TSQL), SSAS, SSIS (DTS), Business Objects Universe design, Business Objects Crystal Reports, administering of Business Objects, Data modelling, C# .NET, data modelling (logical, physical), Teradata. Jozef and Michal are long-time friends and professionals who enjoy exploring tech challenges; therefore Michal advises Jozef on tech challenges on a friendly basis only.


“Loving travel and cooking”

“I love challenges and enjoy revealing their breakthrough”

Miro is and web applications developer. He is an amazing technology developer. Miro is an open-minded person enjoying working closely with business people.