Inforexx LYNX

The concept of the LYNX system is to provide data experts and business users a user-friendly tool which implements data manipulation the easy way. Still, it allows a data warehouse developer to control application under the hood.

Lynx system enables users to create data collection automation on their terms. Lynx allows the business user to bring and collect data from several sources into data storage and leave the user to focus on the data analyses and presentation.

The uniqueness of LYNX system is that it’s flexible and the data-tech expert can control what code is used for the data manipulation parts. LYNX doesn’t tie user by constraints to use just data operations defined in the tool, but it allows to use also bespoke templates or code.

Lynx is excellent in situations when data processing needs saving time on repeating and time-consuming activities. LYNX allows data expert to focus on the critical business-valued work on the data.

Lynx utilise the experience coming from the Andromeda Centre. Current Lynx is in release one.

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Andromeda Centre

is the data processing frameworks for controlling tasks and design activities for data processing. Andromeda Centre handles files processing, loading data from many data sources and provides easy to use features for setting up the actions on incoming tasks and for data transformations and calculations. The Andromeda Centre utilises MS SQL database technology, works with c# code, uses SSIS packages for data processing or any other. It can generate the routines for ETL (extract, transform and load) but it also controls production data processing. You can say it controls data processing end to end; from the initial data collection until the final presentation to the users. An important part of Andromeda Centre is the effective testing achieved by testing automation.

Andromeda Centre consists of several modules. The modules are not final and are being extended for covering more features for design or production data activities.

  • Control module – Creates application code, data quality controls; directly executes process tasks and actions; and provides log information of the executed data transformations.
  • Squirrel – Testing Automation module which provides the automated testing feature. This tool is different from typical manually written testing scripts. This tool focuses on reconciliation which is from the business perspective the crucial test type. Even very infamous task of regression testing, hated by developers is very simple with this tool.
  • XL Spider – Provides features to understand the business logic in the excel models created in the business. This tool is a great start for creating a new generation of data business modelling in your business.

Andromeda Centre is decommissioned and replaced with LYNX.