England Hockey Single Source of Truth


If you were the governing body of a sport that is played by over 140,000 players across a network of over 800 clubs, how would you collate the information from multiple data management platforms to provide a simplified yet more insightful solution that’s capable of actively increasing participation while simultaneously supporting those that are already involved in the sport?

England Hockey recently called upon the expertise of INFOREXX to devise, design, and deliver a comprehensive system capable of meeting the requirements of activities from grassroots action to elite level action, including Team GB’s Olympics endeavours. Through a Single Source of Truth (SST) platform, England Hockey’s data collation and these data easy use are effective, subsequently opening the door to a plethora of new opportunities.

Overcoming The Challenges Of An Disparate And heterogeneous IT Systems

England Hockey set out with the simple objective of bringing sports data together in one database to promote and facilitate consistent and transparent communication to clubs, members, competitions, coaches, venues, and all associated members of the country’s hockey family with the ultimate goal of generating an increase in participation, viewership, and financial opportunities.

As with many sporting web tools and independent internet sport management systems, England Hockey had found that the lack of a unified and consolidated platform across the board has led to a varied range of management software being used by different clubs and members within the hockey community. Contrasts in data collection and commercial approach across platforms like Fixtures Live, Pitchero, SportLomo, ClubBuzz, and Dotmailer posed several challenges in reaction to collation, which were subsequently exacerbated by challenges of exchanging user data from partner systems.

Without automated system-to-system bulk data exchange, as well as the threat of duplicate records, England Hockey’s ability to communicate with umpires, representatives, coaches, fans, and key personnel had been hindered for years. An updated infrastructure was needed, but its creation would not be easy. That’s where INFOREXX steps in.

The Single Source of Truth Solution

Collating information from various management software platforms into one destination posed many technical and collaboration challenges. INFOREXX introduced and incorporated a Single Source of Truth database to serve as a new data model and platform for the sport’s data exchange.

The new SST delivers the data model, structure, and rules for data quality, specifically for England Hockey’s clubs, competitions, and members while embracing lead technical cooperation with the market software providers mentioned above. While the current release focuses on the data exchanges of clubs and competitions, the next phase of framework implementation plans to extend this to members and individual users for personal data handling. The SST’s automation properties allow for data exchanges to take place without forcing human members to spend hours completing manual changes. Moreover, the feature that allows for clubs and members to merge facilitates an even easier transition but also by human control.

Many of the features used in the SST are automated and integrated with an array of tools that are designed to aid data governance, data processing and the utilising of modern IT technologies to provide continued data-driven insights that place the ground to boost the passion, participation, and profile of the sport to previously unfathomable levels.

What Benefits Has England Hockey Seen?

Thanks to the help of INFOREXX, England Hockey now has a single sports data system that spans across all clubs and tournament IT management systems from the grassroots level to the professional game to deliver a wealth of tangible and intangible rewards, including but not limited to;

  • Greater consistency of data across the entire England Hockey family.
  • Increased reach to players, coaches, organisers, and fans at all levels of the game.
  • The removal of compatibility issues, duplicate data, and contrasting data.
  • Easier management of all data to confirm accuracy and relevance.
  • Increased data quality underpinned by lead technical cooperation.
  • Guaranteed data security without worrying about third-party hockey stats services.
  • Simple integration with API, CSV, XML, JSON, Amazon storage, Azure storage, and Azure SQL.
  • Financial savings and time savings for England Hockey and its members.


Customer Profile

DCisions measures the investment performance experienced by consumers and tracks their behaviours over time, including product selection and saving decisions. To achieve that DCisions utilises its CuBIT proprietary insight platform sitting at the heart of the DCisions business. CuBIT starts with data feeds from DCisions partners, then it transforms and analyses customer level data to provide unprecedented insight into consumers’ investment behaviour and experience.

Project CuBIT

INFOREXX was integral to the CuBIT Release 2 project and has made significant contributions through all project stages including project management, shaping business requirements, designing an improved system architecture, managing code development, contributing to project risk management and delivering reliable, robust testing data reconciliation.
“INFOREXX delivered an outstanding service creating a highly reliable and quality solution for our business critical system. We appreciated the skill with which INFOREXX addressed our business requirements and came up with innovative ways to solve the challenges in building solutions for our business needs. We are happy that we had an INFOREXX consultant on the delivery team at every stage of the project lifecycle, he significantly contributed to the successful and timely delivery of CuBIT.“

Adrian King
VP, Technology & Operations

Automated Reporting solution – EMEA business, IT industry

The system controls all Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes from one point. The main functionality is to provide control of the ETL processes with dependencies defined. It also ensures that some processes start on the event. For example when the source files are delivered. The control point provides email notifications and central log storage. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to change the processes in a flexible way (turn off/on, add new process). Therefore it provides more flexibility for addressing business needs as well. However this flexibility can’t compromise the data quality and this solution provides strong functionality for effective ETL process change. Therefore it allows the IT team to be more focused on ETL code implementation, which directly handles business rules, instead of implementing ETL controls.

Universal data collector for reporting – EMEA business, IT industry

The system provides functionality for gathering, loading, and quality checking of data provided by business users. The main purpose is to collect high quality data for EMEA reporting. The system allows small or high data volume load. Additionally it allows users to copy and paste from office applications like Excel. To ensure high data quality, the system runs data checks and provides immediate feedback to the user with messages about data quality. System allows adding easy new data loads.

Automated Testing Solution – United Kingdom, Finance industry

Testing BI requires an effective way to compare data from the tested system with the expected results using a higher data volume or complete data-set. This comparison check is of the highest importance because satisfying this test is the main proof for your business people that the BI is reliable. Test results significantly help you to get the BI system accepted by business users. Companies usually have the reference data in the a different system, which is often about to be replaced by a new one. Sometimes the data is even in Excel spreadsheets. During testing you need to test this data many times which can be very labour intensive, so this must be automated if possible. A big advantage of these automated test checks is that testers and business analysts put much more effort into the identified differences and therefore they effectively work on the root cause analysis (RCA) of these issues.

Calculation system for sales representatives – EMEA business, IT industry

This system calculates the sales representatives bonuses on a monthly basis. It uses the metrics defined by business to drive company sales in EMEA. The system supports semi-flexible planning and controls the calculations setup for EMEA regions specifically. One of the biggest advantages is that the system standardised the bonus calculations across the whole EMEA, but respecting local business conditions or legal requirements. The important part of the system is the reporting feature to allow every sales representative to see bonuses and calculations.

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