We Need Tech Experts

I’m in the business department

I need my team to create our own reports and data analyses and without IT guys who are slowing us.

Our IT infrastructure slows down my business and I heard that using cloud infrastructure can help me.

I need to empower my team to be more productive.

I need to automate data processing for our reports. For example, I need to have excellent calculations for sales reps bonuses to avoid higher costs or losing reps.

How sales and marketing data warehouse or data mart will improve my sales. Can I have it cheaper?

I’m more technology owner and I need help with:

ETL/ELT development

SQL Server developer(s) for T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS implementation

BigData and Machine Learning project implementation

Fast data reconciliation and production check

…  and many more – just put your business or tech challenge here

For quick contact, please ping an email to hello@inforexx.com